The Most Touching Songs of All Time

Here are the most touching songs of all time produced in any ages.

Dance with my Father. Dance with my Father is a song of Luther Vandross that was intended to attribute to his Father. When he missed his father, he came to write this song and all around the world, this song is being sung in all parties like death, birthday and so forth.

You raise me up.This song was written and sung by Josh Groban. Actually, he intended to offer this song to his parents but all people adapted it and even became a Christian song sung in many churches. This song is really very famous to kids and that this also touches the heart of kids who remember their moms.

Thank you for beingĀ  friend.This song of Andrew Gold is one of the most heart-touching songs dedicated to a friend. He composed this song for his friend. It is a perfect song to sing to a friend during her important days like birthday party and many more.

You’ve got a friend in me. This song is a marvelous song that is perfect for a friend. Friends will be moved when this song is sung for them. People are moved to tears because of this song.

Mother’s Prayer. Mother’s Prayer is a song by Celine Dion. The title already states the meaning of the song. A mother’s prayer contains her will to protect her child and be raised as a good person someday. This is the only happiness of a mother towards her young.