HFD Band Music Album

High Five Drive Band is has been referred as the punkers. From the time it was established, there were about 35 songs that they published in many different genre of music such as rock, pop, punk and hardcore.

Among so many genre, most of the songs are made for punk and hardcore. Actually, there are so many things that have happened in the history of the band but they were so successful in releasing at least 4 albums namely: Something Better released in 2002, Service Engine Soon released in 2004, From the Ground up released in 2006, Full Blast released in 2009.

These albums went viral especially that album released in 2004. Perhaps the song “Fallen” and “Is this my life?” are the songs that rocked the world. It went viral on social media so millions of people have already seen the happiness and the fame to the members of the club.

The album published in 2002 has 5 songs example¬†A Relative Matter, Reflection, Lead Boots. Discouragement, Potential. The album in 2004 has 10 songs, examples are “No Buddha, No Dharma”, “As this body Betrays me”, “This is my Riffle” and so forth and so on. The album that was released in 2006 has 10 songs like “The Storm Before Calm”, “Looking Past It all”, Remember everything”, Thought Crime Agenda” and many more. The Album in 2009, Full Blast, has 12 songs like “Foreign Mantras Make Great Role Models”, “The Memories That Keep”, “Underbreath Regrets” and many more.

These albums have already been famous all over the world. Check their channels on Youtube adn be updated.